Quantum Computation


Research Directions:

Superconducting quantum computing, topological quantum computing, trapped-ion quantum computing, quantum-dot quantum computing, operating system for quantum computer, quantum algorithm application software, quantum computing theory.

Research Areas:

(1) Explore new designs, new materials, and new architectures for superconducting qubits, and build logical qubits; Carry out large-scale superconducting quantum computing and quantum simulations,and demonstrate quantum supremacy.

(2) Design, predict and synthesize new topological materials, and use Majorana zero mode to realize topological qubit.

(3) Develop trapped-ion quantum computing with long coherence time and high-fidelity logic gates.

(4) Realize scalable quantum circuits based on quantum dot qubits.

(5) Develop operating systems for NISQ and fault-tolerant universal quantum computers.

(6) Develop quantum application softwares such as quantum chemical simulation, quantum machine learning, quantum finance, traffic optimization, etc.

(7) Perform fundamental studies in quantum computing theories.