Technology Transfer and Industrialization Center

The Technology Transfer and Industrialization Center works closely with the research divisions to actively embrace industry with an open, cooperative and win-win strategy. By building a platform for transferring results in the field of quantum technology, the center can gather various elements on the chain of technology transformation. Oriented by technology application and demand, the center will develop application scenarios around specific technologies, carry out diversified and multi-dimensional demonstration applications, and explore subversive "killer applications" to promote application technology into practical use.

At the same time, the center will establish a complete intellectual property system and benefit sharing mechanism, attract social funds to establish a quantum information technology transformation fund, and  accelerate technology transformation by introducing professional services. The center will keep cultivating a group of high-tech enterprises with development potential, and then promote the related leapfrog development of the industry.

Division Director

Ning Deng

Principal Investigators

Wei Lu