BAQIS was co-founded with partners of Tsinghua University (Tsinghua-U), Peking University (PKU), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Baidu Ltd. Co., etc., which remain as core partners through the development of BAQIS by now.



Tsinghua University (Tsinghua-U)

Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Its department of physics is one of the best in China, and has a great strength in the research of quantum state of matter. Its Institute of Advanced Study has a great reputation for the research of quantum computing and communication.


Tsinghua-U’s former vice president, Prof. Qi-kun XUE is the founding president of BAQIS. Prof. XUE, who is an experimental physicist with a world fame for the discovery of Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect (QAHE), also serves as the founding director of the Division of Quantum State of Matter of BAQIS.


Currently, there are 20 adjunct professors from Tsinghua-U working on various collaborative projects with BAQIS. 


Peking University (PKU)

Peking University is also one of the most recognized universities globally. Its department of physics and International Center for Quantum Materials are well known for the research of quantum state of matter and quantum materials, with well advanced research platforms in the world.


Prof. Xin-cheng XIE from PKU is the founding director of the two major technical support platforms of BAQIS, namely the micro-nano processing platform and the synegetic testing platform, which aim to supplement and excel its partners’ research facilities. 22 adjunct professors from PKU are working with BAQIS now. 


Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOPCAS)

IOPCAS is one of the world leading research institutions in condensed matter physics. It has great strengths in many areas of quantum physics research. In recent years, IOPCAS has put unprecedented efforts in the research of quantum computing, and achieved great reputation worldwide. 


Prof. Tao XIANG from IOPCAS is the founding director of the Division of Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication of BAQIS. Currently, 14 adjunct scientists from IOPCAS are working with BAQIS. 


Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS)

ISCAS is the best semiconductor research institute of China, and one of the best of the CAS institutes in the applied basic research. It has a great strength in the research of quantum materials and devices.


Prof. Shu-shen LI from ISCAS is the founding director of the Division of Quantum Materials and Devices of BAQIS, and 15 adjunct scientists from ISCAS are working with BAQIS, presently.



University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which comprises more than 100 research institutions and represents the highest level in many areas of research and development of science and technology in China.


According to the Essential Science Indicators report released in January 2020, UCAS ranked 76th worldwide, and 1st among the universities of China. Within the 22 listed broad fields of research, UCAS is among the top 0.1‰ in materials science and chemistry, and among the top 1‰ in seven fields, including materials science, chemistry, and engineering, etc. worldwide.


UCAS education is featured with a “fusion” of teaching and research, fully facilitated by CAS institutes with distinguished professors and excellent research conditions. 


BAQIS welcomes proposals for international collaborations from the global community of quantum information research. For questions/proposals on collaborating with BAQIS, please contact:

Ann Zhu

Tel: (86)10-83057522