Research Groups

Quantum-Dot Based Quantum Computing Group

Quantum Computation

Quantum Dot Quantum Computing Group, led by Dr. Tian Pei, consists of 7 members (5 full-time). This group now is focusing on building up quantum computer based on spin of single electrons. This is realized by fabricating quantum dot devices in silicon and germanium hetero-structures two dimensional electron gas. To make full advantages of these systems, we aim to provide a feasible plan for realizing medium or even large scale quantum computing and make a contribution to the quantum information technology development of our country.

Group Leader: Tian Pei

Our group is focusing on using quantum-dot devices based on 2DEG in silicon to build quantum information process platforms. We are interested in the following topics:

1. Quantum transport in 2DEG.

2. High fidelity spin qubit manipulation and readout.

3. Scale-up of spin qubit.  

4. Control and readout of large scale quantum circuit.