Research Groups

Quantum Operating System Group

Quantum Computation

Quantum Operating System Group, led by Prof. Dong Liu, adjunct scientist of BAQIS and associate professor of Tsinghua University, consists of 10 members (9 full-time). It focuses on the software part of the operating and control system of quantum computer. They are an important bridge between the quantum chips and actual users. In addition, through software optimization we can significantly improve the performance of NISQ quantum computer hardware. Therefore, the direction is an important part of the development of quantum computers.

Group Leader: Dong Liu

Research and Development Directions:

We are now pursuing the research and software development in following topics:

1.     Quantum computer system architecture

2.     Circuit synthesis and compilation for NISQ quantum hardware

3.     Fault-tolerant quantum computation and quantum error correction

4.     Calibration problem for superconducting quantum chips