Research Groups

Superconducting Quantum Computation Group

Quantum Computation

Superconducting Quantum Computing Group, led by Dr. Haifeng Yu, is dedicated to the fabrication and manipulation of intermediate-scale quantum chips, as well as the exploration of the realization of practical quantum simulation and quantum computing algorithms. Its laboratory has a production line and six sets of characterization systems for quantum chips. They have made a few progresses in the development of long-lived qubits and new qubits, non-destructive readout of quantum states, the realization of high-fidelity logic gates, quantum simulation and other aspects. They have demonstrated a quantum cloud platform of 8 qubits and a superconducting transmon qubit with relaxation time over 0.5ms. Quantum simulation on a chip of around 50 qubits is currently being explored. In addition, the research team is also interested in the research of highly integrated electronics that is in line with the development trend of quantum computing, and which lays the foundation for the development of larger-scale quantum processors in the future.

Group Leader: Haifeng Yu