Research Groups

High-Temperature Superconductivity Group

Quantum State of Matter

High-Temperature Superconductivity Group, led by Prof. Ding Zhang, adjunct scientist of BAQIS and associate professor of Tsinghua University, consists of 7 members (6 full-time), and their current research directions are high temperature superconductivity in copper oxide and iron-based superconductors, whose pairing mechanism is explored by studying issues such as pairing symmetry. Their research will have profound impact on both the application of high temperature superconductors and the discovery of novel high temperature superconductors.

Group Leader: Ding Zhang

Research directions:

We are currently focusing on the following topics:

  • ● High-temperature Josephson junctions

  • ● High-temperature topological superconductivity

  • ● Two-dimensional superconducting arrays

  • ● Two-dimensional strongly correlated superconductors