Research Divisions

Quantum State of Matter

Focusing on topological quantum materials and physics, superconducting materials and physics, quantum magnets and related phenomena, low-dimensional functional quantum materials, and fabrication of micro-nano heterostructures and devices for quantum information technologies.

Quantum Computation

Focusing on superconducting quantum computing, topological quantum computing, trapped-ion quantum computing, quantum-dot quantum computing, operating system for quantum computer, quantum algorithm application software, and quantum computing theory.

Quantum Communication

Focusing on quantum secure direct communication, quantum repeater and communication system, quantum network and devices, and quantum communication theory.

Quantum Materials and Devices

Focusing on the fundamental study of quantum mechanic physics in low-dimensional semiconductor structures and developing electronic, spintronics, and photonics devices towards quantum communications, quantum computing, and ultra-sensitive measurements.

Quantum Precision Measurement

Focusing on precision measurement of: inertia, magnetic fields, gravity, time and frequency. Application for Quantum navigation and Quantum sensing.

Research Platforms

Synergetic Testing Platform

Synergetic Testing Platform provides testing services for superconducting quantum computation, quantum communication, property measurement, etc. High end facilities include: dilution refrigerator, spectrum system, electron microscope system, ultrafast light source with femtosecond lasers, etc. which will support for the various directions of frontier research in BAQIS.

Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform

Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform provides sufficient cleanrooms of high level cleanness, in which micro-nano scale materials and devices may be fabricated and tested. High end facilities includes: Electron Beam Lithography System, vacuum sputtering coating system, light lithography system、etching system, etc., which will support for high quality fabrication and characterization of complex quantum electric circuits.


Technology Transfer and Industrialization Center

The Technology Transfer and Industrialization Center works closely with the research divisions to actively embrace industry with an open, cooperative and win-win strategy. By building a platform for transferring results in the field of quantum technology, the center can gather various elements on the chain of technology transformation.

Quantum Engineering Research

The division organizes a world-class team of scientific research engineers, and provide first-class technical support for all research teams and platforms of the Institute, and even for the national quantum information research field. Construct a complete technology map, fully cover various technologies required by quantum information and complement the key link in the innovation chain.