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Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform

Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform

Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform, led by Dr. Yirong Jin, consists of 11 full-time members. The platform is a high level supporting facility for nano scale device fabrication, that aimed to provide top-notch technical support for R&D of quantum information sciences & technologies in BAQIS and nationwide. A team of world-class engineers, with the capability of extending nano-scale fabrication skills and techniques, are attracted to work at the platform, helping researchers in the fields of quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum sensing to conquer the most cutting-edge researches, and laying a solid basis for the independent innovation of China's quantum science and technology.

Group Leader: Rui Wu

Research Direction

Facility for micro fabrication, characterization and packaging is openly provided. The platform has high performance lithography systems, etching systems, and virous film deposition systems. Various characterization methods like microscopy, SEM, probe station, etc., and TSV, flip-chip bonding system for complex inter-chip connection are accessible for BAQIS. As a result, it can provide full process, one station development for many kinds of novel devices, like superconducting quantum processors, semiconducting quantum dots, topological quantum devices, etc.

Research Facilities:


Research Results

1. Flip-chip bonding by superconducting Indium bumps


2. Hall devices for quantum dots research


3. High Q mechanical resonators


4. Superconducting transmission line resonators