Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam System (Helios G4 CX )

2021/1/25 14:29:35


Overview: Dual beam focused ion beam system is a scanning electron microscope with very high-resolution topographical imaging and etching capabilities. It is equipped with a finely focused ion beam to modify the sample.

Applications: Three-dimensional characterization and sample preparation, ultra-fine nanostructure etching.


  • Electron beam resolution: 0.6nm

  • Electron beam accelerating voltage range: 200 V – 30 kV

  • Ion beam resolution: 2.5nm

  • Ion beam accelerating voltage range: 500 V – 30 kV

  • Detector:Everhart-Thornley SE detector (ETD), Elstar in-column SE/BSE detector, DBS, IR camera

  • Maximum sample size (diameter): 110mm

  • Analysis: EDS