About Baiwang Forum



Baiwang Forum is an international forum hosted by Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS). The forum focused on the latest progress of quantum physics and quantum information science with distinguished scientists across the world as the invited speakers. Aiming at promoting international cooperation and academic communication, the series of seminars could be accessed both onsite or virtually. Please watch some playback videos of recent seminars at this link.

You are welcome join the mail list for updates of Baiwang Forum: https://jinshuju.net/f/BXy26h

Speakers of Baiwang Forum

            a98eec18ee7840bdbdc5134c87e8b92a.png        012-Ramon.png  013-wimmer.png014-Zwiller.png  016-SUN ZHIPEI.png  017-sun changpu.png  019-Bender-202204.png  020-Aharonovich-202204.png  021-Vino Menon.png  022-Junhao Chu.png  023-Wataru Mizukami.png  024-Lajos Hanzo.png  025-Philip Walther.png  026-Mohsen Razavi.png  027-Qijie Wang.png  028-Tsuyoshi Okubo.png  029-Lijian Zhang.png  030-Paolo Sessi.png  031-guoxing miao.png  032-Michal Matuszewski.png  033-Rob Thew.png  034-Niels Schr?ter.png  035-duan luming.png  037-Alexey Kavokin.png