BAQIS Successfully Hosted BAIWANG Forum - Quantum Communication Day


BAIWANG Forum - Quantum Communication Day was successfully held by BAQIS on 16 June 2022. Three internationally renowned scholars from the United Kingdom and Austria reported the latest frontier developments on the theme "Progress of Fundamental Research in Quantum Communication". As a cornerstone in constructing the global quantum network, quantum communication has become a global research hotspot. The theme day attracted wide attention from domestic and foreign peers. According to statistics, more than 2500 people from 18 countries watched this forum online.


The first speaker is Professor Lajos Hanzo from the University of Southampton, the United Kingdom. He is the Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, and one of the leading international scholars in the field of communication. He gave a detailed presentation on "On the road from classical to quantum coding", where their systematic works were presented on constructing efficient quantum error correction codes from classical error correction coding theory, which is of great importance in improving the performance of quantum computing, quantum secure direct communication, and quantum key distribution.

The second speaker is Professor Philip Walther from the University of Vienna, Austria, who is the Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) and the Optical Society of America (OSA). With the theme of "From secure two-way communication and quantum cryptography with classical users to one-time programs", he reported the latest research results on two-way quantum secure direct communication relying on single photons, quantum key distribution with classical users, and secure computing. Two-way quantum secure direct communication, not only the information of communicating is secure, but also the direction of communication is confidential, which is important in protecting information security and privacy computing.

The third speaker is Professor Mohsen Razavi from the University of Leeds, the United Kingdom, who is the head of Quantum Communications for ALL (QCALL). He gave a talk on "Quantum communications at long”. He reported on the latest research progress in twin-field protocols, quantum memory-assisted quantum communications, and encoded quantum repeaters. The realization of quantum memory and long-distance quantum communication is the basis for building a global quantum network.

BAIWANG Forum - Quantum Communication Day 2022 is organized by the Quantum Secure Direct Communication Group and International Collaboration Department of BAQIS. Theme day is a new attempt of Baiwang Forum to improve academic exchanges. The success of the Quantum Communication Day played an active role on further improving the international academic atmosphere at BAQIS.