Jian-Hao Chen
Jian-Hao Chen

Research Scientist (PI)
Micro-nano fabrication and Synergetic testing platform,
Division of Quantum State of Matter, BAQIS
Associate Professor
International Center for Quantum Materials (ICQM), Peking University
Email: chenjianhao@pku.edu.cn; chenjh@baqis.ac.cn

Research Group: In-situ Quantum Transport Group

His main research interest includes:

1.       Two-dimensional materials, physics and devices

2.       Silicon-based quantum dots for quantum computation

3.       Development of advanced quantum transport techniques, such as in-situ quantum transport techniques


He has published over 40 papers in a series of top journals, including sub-journals of Nature, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, etc. Among them, 6 articles were selected as ESI Highly Cited Paper. The published papers were cited more than 9,000 times according to Google Scholar.