Meeting with Chief Editor of Nature Physics


Invited by the international collaboration department of Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS), Dr. Andrea Taroni, Chief Editor of Nature Physics, presented an online talk “Inside Nature Physics”, and joined an open discussion with BAQIS scientists on 7-Sept-2021 (Beijing time).

In his talk, Dr. Taroni explained the publication principles of Nature series journals, and how Nature editors -- in particular, those based at Nature Physics -- apply these principles in practice, to select the very few papers out of the many excellent submissions for publication.

After the talk, Dr. Huaibin Zhuang, Member of BAQIS Executive Leadership Team, provided a brief introduction of BAQIS’ development, and scientists from 9 research groups of BAQIS, including chief scientists, principal investigators, research associates and postdocs, introduced their recent research progresses. Dr. Taroni showed great interest in these researches, and welcomed BAQIS scientists to contact him directly for further discussions in related issues.

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The event attracted broad interest from BAQIS scientists, and received many good feedbacks. It created an opportunity for mutual understanding of both the Nature Physics journal and BAQIS, and played a positive role in promoting further collaboration between the two parties in the future.