Postdoc opportunities in Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy Group at Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences
2022/5/26 12:03:08

About Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences:

To tackle grand challenges in quantum science and technology, Beijing Municipal Government established the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) in 2017 with co-founders among top research institutions including Tsinghua University, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Its mission is to address pressing issues in the field of quantum information and to shape the quantum future through research excellence. BAQIS strives to provide a stimulating working environment that fosters creativity and encourages risk-taking, collaboration and efficacy.

BAQIS has made substantial investments for strategically important research areas with quantum communication as one of its core focuses. It owns two state-of-the-art platforms of experimental facilities accessible to all its researchers: a cleanroom for micro-nano fabrication and a synergetic test platform. 

About the group (Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy Group)

Our research interests include theoretical and experimental studies quantum optics and quantum simulator related applications. The group is looking for young and dynamic postdoctoral fellows, who will be interested in one of the following topics: theoretical quantum optics, simulating qubits and quantum neural networks. Fellows will be working with Dr. Sanjib Ghosh at BAQIS and will closely working with the experimental colleagues from the group of Professor Qihua Xiong. Our team is equipped with a work station for high performance computing.

Dr. Ghosh is the recipient of  2021 National Natural Science Fund For Excellent Young Scientists Fund Program. The relevant publication list (selected):

1. Sanjib Ghosh, Kohei Nakajima, Tanjung Krisnanda, Keisuke Fujii, and Timothy Liew*, Quantum Neuromorphic Computing with Reservoir Computing Networks, Adv. Quantum Technol. 2100053 (2021).

2. Sanjib Ghosh*, and Timothy C. H. Liew*, Dynamical blockade in a single-mode bosonic system, Phys. Rev. Lett.123, 013602 (2019).

3. Sanjib Ghosh*, and Timothy C. H. Liew*, Quantum computing with exciton-polariton condensates, npj Quantum Info. 6, 16 (2020).

4. Sanjib Ghosh*, Tomasz Paterek, Timothy C. H. Liew*, Quantum neuromorphic platform for quantum State preparation, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 260404 (2019)

5. Rui Su#*, Sanjib Ghosh#, Timothy C.H. Liew*, and Qihua Xiong*, Optical switching of topological phase in a perovskite polariton lattice, Science Advances 7, eabf8049 (2021).

6. Rui Su#, Sanjib Ghosh#, Jun Wang, Sheng Liu, Carole Diederichs, Timothy C. H. Liew*, and Qihua Xiong*, Observation of exciton polariton condensation in a perovskite lattice at room temperature, Nat. Phys. 16, 301-306 (2020).

7. Sanjib Ghosh*, Andrzej Opala, Micha? Matuszewski, Tomasz Paterek, and Timothy C. H. Liew*. Quantum reservoir processing. npj Quantum Info. 5, 35 (2019).

8.  Sanjib Ghosh*, Tanjung Krisnanda, Tomasz Paterek, and Timothy Liew*, Realising and Compressing Quantum Circuits With Quantum Reservoir Computing, Comm Physics 4, 105 (2021).

Introduction of Prof. Qihua Xiong’s research:



Fellows will be responsible for conducting theoretical modelling and developing quantum optical models, multiple qubits, and quantum neural networks. It will be encouraged to conduct independent research, read scientific literature, and keep up to date with developments in the field. It will be very important to work together with colleagues performing experiments and develop theory towards understanding the new experimental results. 

Expertise in at least one of the following topics is preferable:

Quantum optics

Quantum computing and quantum simulation

Machine learning applications in physics


PhD from a reputable university 

Track record of peer-reviewed papers in top journals

Experience in simulating qubits or quantum spin systems

Compensation and Benefit:

·         Competitive salary (300-400k RMB depending on qualification)

·         Enroll in Beijing Social Insurance System

·         Supplementary commercial medical plan

·         Subsidized employee canteen


Applicants should provide a Curriculum Vita, a research statement and at least 2 recommendation letters on BAQIS job application system, please click the below link to fill in the application:

Meanwhile please also send the above required documents to and