Jinping Lin
Jinping Lin

Division of Quantum Engineering Research
Office 507E13
Email: linjp@baqis.ac.cn

Jinping Lin received his master's degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2018, and joined the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Science as an engineer in the same year. At present, he is mainly engaged in the construction of optical fiber system, optical phase drift compensation, instrument control and so on.

Recent Publications:

  • Jinping Lin, Zhaohui Wang, Zitong Lei, Jiameng Dong, Youlin Wang, Jianming Shang, Tianwei Jiang, Bin Luo, and Song Yu, "Michelson interferometer based phase demodulation for stable time transfer over 1556 km fiber links," Opt. Express 29, 14505-14512 (2021)

  • Ruihuan Wu, Jinping Lin, Tianwei Jiang, Chenxia Liu, and Song Yu, "Stable radio frequency transfer over fiber based on microwave photonic phase shifter," Opt. Express 27, 38109-38115 (2019)

  • Zhuo-Shuang Deng, Guan-Kai Zhao, Jia-Qi Yuan, Jin-Ping Lin, Hong-Jie Chen, Hong-Zhan Liu, Ai-Ping Luo, Hu Cui, Zhi-Chao Luo, and Wen-Cheng Xu, "Switchable generation of rectangular noise-like pulse and dissipative soliton resonance in a fiber laser," Opt. Lett. 42, 4517-4520 (2017)