BAQIS Announced Its First Quantum Cloud Platform for Public


On May 16th, 2021, BAQIS announces its first Quantum Cloud Platform. People are welcome to visit the platform and test their "quantum thoughts" via cloud.

The Quantum Cloud Platform has a chip of 8 tunable frequency qubits and can be fully programmed by just drag and drop. It offers a straight-forward GUI for customized editing of your own quantum circuits, and returns a measured probability matrix of all the eigenstates of the qubit system. It also offers a real-time simulation for the quantum circuit and comprehensive QASM scripts for further use.


Figure 1. (top left) The drag and drop interface for quantum circuit editing. (top right) the packaged quantum processor. (bottom) the fridge and quantum control&readout system.


The quantum cloud service is aiming to offer a real physical test-bed for quantum algorithms and quantum simulations. Users and researchers now can freely test, validate and optimize their quantum ideas without  building an expensive and technically challenging quantum computing system themselves. As a result,  the quantum cloud could serve as a bridge connecting the research community of quantum algorithms and simulations, and an accelerator for practical applications quantum computing in the NISQ stage.

You can visit the site: to access the quantum computer to light up your ideas in quantum world. As our first quantum cloud system, we sincerely welcome any comments and suggestions for our platform. Your voice is the power for improvement.