From the departure airport to the destination hotel: the procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic
2021/1/27 14:27:51

Below, is a summary of the procedures that one of our most recent visitors has gone through from the airport to the hotel, after arrival in China during the COVID-19 pandemic.


   Throughout the procedures, WeChat is frequently used.

So, it is important to install WeChat in advance

and prepare to use mobile wifi (free wifi in airport is often very weak).

I also note that all the announcements and explanations by the staff are given in Chinese.

In my case, since some Chinese passengers in my group kindly translated the explanations to English, I can understand the meanings.


    At Narita Airport (Tokyo, Japan):

1. It is necessary to submit a copy of the certificate of the PCR test.

2. It is necessary to complete health checks via WeChat.

    The screenshot of the QR code generated by WeChat is frequently required.


    At PVG Airport (Shanghai, China):

1. After landing, I had to wait on the plane for about an hour.

2. After getting out the plane, I was asked several questions (e.g. did you infect COVID-19?) by the staff (Questions are                      written in English on the paper.)

3. After then, I had a PCR test.

4. I got my checked baggage.

5. The staff grouped the passengers according to their destinations.

    While waiting for the result of the PCR test, we are asked to enter the

    information on the destination via WeChat.

    Again, the QR code generated by WeChat is frequently required.

6. Finally, I got on the bus to the hotel.


    At the hotel:

1. I was asked to be a friend with the staff account in WeChat.

 Using WeChat, I should report body temperature twice a day (9:00 and 14:00)

2. The staff explained the notices of the quarantine (ex. time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

3. Then, I paid for the hotel fee. Unfortunately, in this hotel, the credit card (VISA and MasterCard) is not acceptable. 

    I paid in cash. So, in case, better bring enough cash (total fee is about 6000 RMB for my case).

4. Finally, I got to the room.


In total, it took about 6 hours to get to the room after landing.

So, I think that it is better to prepare some snacks and drinks before boarding.