Important Notice for coming to China during the COVID-19 pandemic
2021/1/26 11:59:09

Please install WeChat app in advance as it is frequently used for receiving your PCR test results or checking your health status.


1)     Before your flight

Passengers traveling from overseas countries to China during the COVID-19 pandemic, are advised to check the website of the embassy of China for the “Airline Boarding Requirements” and the guidelines for obtaining the “Health Declaration Certificate”, and follow all instructions strictly.


For most airlines, both certificates of a negative result of Nucleic Acid Test and a negative result of IgM anti-body test are required. Please also pay close attention to the required timeframe within which these tests need to be performed.


Please make sure you receive the “Health Declaration Certificate” within the designated timeframe before your flight.


2)     After your landing

Usually, you will land in a city other than Beijing. There will be local CDC staff in the airport to guide all passengers to take another PCR test, and assign a hotel room for 14-days quarantine. Please simply follow all instructions by the local CDC staff. After the 14-days quarantine, you may need to take another 7-days observation (depending on the situation) in the city where you landed before coming to Beijing.


When you have completed the 14-days quarantine plus 7-days observation, you may fly or take a train to Beijing immediately. Once in Beijing, you will need to take another 7 to 14 days quarantine or observation, depending on the situation. If necessary, Beijing local CDC staff will take you to a designated quarantine hotel when you arrive; otherwise, you are required to be self-disciplined while staying in a pre-booked hotel by yourself, and reduce your contact with people to the minimum which are deemed to be essential.


At the end of your 7 to 14 days quarantine or observation in Beijing, you will need to take a renewed nuclear acid test on your own, and you will be allowed to move around freely if the test result is negative. You may go to the PCR test clinic at the following address (no appointment is needed):




Please remember to bring your Passport along with 120 RMB cash for the PCR test. Kindly note that, an extra 20 RMB will be charged if you also require the results report in English.


The PCR result will be available via your Wechat account within 24 hours of the test.