Public Transportation
2021/1/11 11:53:25


There are 1200+ bus lines in Beijing. Bus fares are of segmented pricing, i.e. the fare is based on the distance. It starts from 2 RMB within 10 km and increases by 1 RMB for every additional 5 km.

You need to prepare changes or get your mobile app ready before taking a bus since most buses do not have conductors.


There are 19 subway lines and 2 Airport Expresses in Beijing. It is very convenient to transfer from one subway line to another. The subway fare is 3 ~ 9 RMB, and the Airport Express fare is 10 ~ 50 RMB. 


All taxis in Beijing are installed with meters. Taxi fare standards are: 13 RMB within 3 km; above 3 km, 2.3 RMB /km.

There’s no Uber service in China, but similar services such as Didi and Shouqi are available. 

A kind reminder: Try to avoid distant ground transportations by taxi/bus during rush hours, i.e. 7 - 9 am and 5 - 7 pm.