Accommodation (short term)
2020/9/28 10:20:00

The information on this page is for short-time visitors to BAQIS. If you come to work at BAQIS need to find a place during your long-term stay, please ask for help from your department assistant.


For visitors to BAQIS, we may help to book hotels. The most frequently used hotels by our guests are 


Palace Garden Hotel(*high-end hotel)

13 East Fengzhi Road (Fengzhi Dong Lu), Beijing, 100094, China

北京朗丽兹西山花园酒店:北京 海淀区 丰智东路13号


Free Comfort Hotel (Beijing Xishan)(*express hotel)

13 East Fengzhi Road (Fengzhi Dong Lu), Beijing, 100094, China

康福瑞连锁酒店(北京西山店):北京 海淀区 丰智东路13号


Palace Garden Hotel and Free Comfort Hotel (Beijing Xishan) are next to each other, and they are of the same hotel group.


It is 4 km between the two hotels and BAQIS. If you call a Taxi, the price will be roughly the same as from the airports to BAQIS. If you take the subway, follow the same directions as from the airports to BAQIS.

You may print out this page, highlight the hotel name and address, show it to the Taxi driver, and he/she will take you to the right destination.



If you would like to book a hotel by yourself, we recommend “Booking” and “CTrip”, which are two of the most popular sites:


Reminders for hotel check-in:

1)    In case the hotel receptionist does not speak English, please print out this sentence “我要办理入住,我已预约了一个房间,我的名字是XXXXXX (your name)” beforehand and present it to the hotel front desk when check in;

2)    Please present your passport when check in;

3)    Please prepare some cash for the hotel deposit, in case some of the hotels might not accept international credit card.