Baiwang Forum 10: Passive and Active Quantum Steering



Date: May 10 2021

Time: 16:00-17:00

Venue: Meeting room 320

Webinar: Voov Meeting (腾讯会议) ID:717798452

Password: 0510

Topic: Passive and Active Quantum Steering

Speaker:Yuval Gefen,Professorial Chair,Weizmann Institute of Science

Host: Yirong Jin,Professor,Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences

Abstract: Following the work of von Neumann,   measurement in quantum mechanics was described as a projective operation, leading to the concept of “wave function collapse”. Generalized quantum measurements, including weak measurement, allow for the extraction of partial and noisy information from the system measured, yet it involves back-action exerted by the detector on the system. This can be harnessed to steer the initial system’s state into a predesignated target state. I will explain the notion of steering, and discuss the pros and cons of passive vs. active steering.


About the speaker: Yuval Gefen, who holds the Isabelle and Samuel Friedman Professorial Chair of Theoretical Physics at the Weizmann Institute, is one of the founding fathers of mesoscopic physics. One of his predictions—that currents traveling through extremely small pieces of metal or semiconductor material can be measured in single electrons—helped establish the lower limit of what characterizes the flow of electricity, and eventually led to the experimental design of a single-electron transistor. His has made seminal contributions concerning interferometry of particles possessing fractional charge and fractional statistics (a.k.a. anyons), and co-authored a work that opened the era of many-body localization.  In recent years he has been deeply involved in the foundations of generalized quantum measurements and quantum steering.