Focusing on the fundamental particles and energy that make up the universe, quantum physics seeks to reveal how everything works. From teleporting information between particles separated in space to enhance communication security, or building powerful computers that dwarf the power of today’s versions, quantum physics has opened exciting new possibilities.

Dedicated to cutting-edge research on quantum physics and quantum information science and technology, on 25-26 Nov. 2019, Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS), held QPQIS2019, a forum to enable cross-disciplinary discussion to advance the progress of many quantum research subjects and real-world applications. 23 Invited speakers from 16 international institutions of 9 countries around the world were invited to share their insights on four themes: quantum states of matter, quantum materials and devices, quantum computation and communication, and quantum precision measurement.


Download the conference handbook here:

QPQIS2019 Handbook.pdf