QPQIS-2024: Registration Open Soon



Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) will host the 6th International Symposium on Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Science (QPQIS-2024). The conference will be held in Beijing from October 22nd to 24th. We would like to extend a warm invitation to interested scientists and students to join us!

The theme of QPQIS-2024 will be “Advances in Fundamental Research on Quantum States of Matter and Quantum Information”. The main topic of the symposium will be focused on quantum states of matter and quantum materials that could significantly promote the research on quantum information science and technology, including but not limited to superconductors, topological states of matter, quantum magnets, and novel semiconductors. The symposium will also discuss the applications of rapid-developing quantum information technologies such as quantum simulation and quantum sensing in the studies of novel quantum states of matter and quantum materials.


The QPQIS-2024 organizing committee has invited several internationally renowned scholars from both domestic and international universities or institutions, such as Rainer Blatt, member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and professor at the University of Innsbruck; Lars Samuelson, foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and professor emeritus at Lund University; Mathias Klaui, member of the European Academy of Sciences and professor at the University of Mainz; as well as Donglai Feng, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor at the University of Science and Technology of China. The list of speakers is constantly updated.


To foster academic exchange and broaden participation in QPQIS-2024, contributed sessions, including oral presentations and poster presentations, will be set up this year in addition to the invited sessions. Abstract submissions for contributed sessions will be open simultaneously with the registration on the conference website. We are enthusiastically looking forward to receiving your submissions.


About QPQIS-2024

  • Date

October 22 – October 24, 2024 (Beijing time).

  •  Venue:

Tang Dynasty Hall (BC), Palace Garden Hotel & Resorts, Beijing, China

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Registration is FREE, and will be open at 10:00 AM on 22-April-2024 at: http://qpqis.baqis.ac.cn/2024. QPQIS-2024 is in Onsite Format. The seats are limited and on a first come, first served basis.


It is important to note that all oral and poster submissions must first submit an abstract through the Member Center Webpage by August 16, 2024. Registration is required prior to submitting, and early registration is strongly recommended. Please see here for more details.


BAQIS has reserved a few hotel rooms with discounted rates for those attending the conference in Palace Garden Hotel & Resorts and Palace Garden Hotel. Please refer to the registration confirmation email for details regarding your hotel reservation.

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