BAQIS Quantum Science Forum 76:Exploring parametric amplification for some applications in quantum technology



Date and Time: 27-Oct-2022  15:00


Speaker:  Dr.Wei Qin, Research Scientist , RIKEN in Japan


Host: Dr.Yulong Liu (BAQIS)


Title: Exploring parametric amplification for some applications in quantum technology


Degenerate parametric amplification refers to a process where a photon is down-converted into two or more photons. It has been widely used for various quantum applications in, e.g., quantum metrology, quantum information processing, and even quantum supremacy demonstration. In this talk, I would like to introduce our recent studies of exploiting (semiclassical and fully quantum) degenerate parametric amplification to enhance light-matter interactions, generate and stabilize large-size cat states, and beat the 3 dB limit for intracavity squeezing.

About the Speaker:

Wei Qin received his bachelor’s degree from Yantai University in 2009, and Ph. D degree from Tsinghua University in 2014. Since 2018, he has joined RIKEN in Japan, as a research scientist. His research focuses on the theoretical studies in quantum optics and quantum information. He has published more than 30 papers, including 4 in Phys. Rev. Lett., 1 in npj Quantum Information, and 20 in Phys. Rev. A/B/Applied/Research, with more than 700 citations (google scholar). One of his theoretical predictions was experimentally tested by the D. J. Wineland (awarded the Nobel Prize in physics 2012) group. In 2022, he received the 13rd RIKEN Researcher Incentive Award (Ohbu Award).