Engineering Salon 5


The Engineering Salon aims at communication, break- through, succession, innovation and development, which will provide a platform for exchange and demonstration, and encourage the engineer craftsman spirit of overcoming difficulties and striving for perfection in the engineering team.  All scientists, postdocs and engineers are welcome to join us!

Date: Sep 23, 2021 (Thursday) 13:30-15:40

Venue: Room 526

Host: Tiefu Li, Director of Division of Quantum Engineering Research


1. The Introduction of the Readout Principle for Superconducting Quantum Computing based on the Superconducting Resonator and something about High-Fidelity Readout. by Junhua Wang, Senior Engineer

2. The Introduction of DC signal measurement technology by Jiankun Li, Senior Engineer

3. Analysis Methods of Thin Film by Yuqun Xu, Senior Engineer

4. The Application of Proximity Effect in Electron Beam Lithography by Qintong Zhang, Senior Engineer

5. Building an apparatus for measuring the thermoelectric properties by Yinshang Liu, Engineer

6. Flip-chip technology in fabrication of superconducting quantum chips by Chonghong Yang, Senior Engineer