Baiwang Forum 15: Quantum Chip for Quantum Communication



Date and Time:  18-Aug-2021 (Wednesday)  3:00 – 3:35 PM  
Venue: BAQIS Meeting Room 526
Tencent ID: 750 889 0966 (direct link: ) 

Speaker: Prof. Ai-Qun Liu, Quantum Science & Engineering Centre (QSec), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Host: Dr. Zhiliang Yuan (BAQIS Chief Scientist)

Title: Quantum Chip for Quantum Communication


In the past twenty years, silicon photonic technology and waveguide integrated device are greatly stimulated extensive research in semiconductor microsensors and microactuators. Silicon nanophotonic and waveguide integrated device are very significant breakthrough for traditional photonic device and system, which is not only advantage of batch processing to address the manufacturing, but also make impact in the research of quantum integrated circuits and sensors. 
This talk will introduce quantum chip for quantum key distribution (QKD), which is fabricated by using silicon photonic fabrication processes and linear optical components related to splitter, tunable MZI, switches and photodetector will be discussed. Various design and fabrication issues will be introduced to explain the make of these devices using silicon fabrication processes. This talk will be concluded with the future trends and research directions in quantum chip for the quantum communication and quantum computer etc .

About the Speaker: 
Professor Ai-Qun Liu (A. Q. Liu) received his PhD degree from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1994. Currently, he is a Professor and Dirctor at the Quantum Science and Engineering (QSec), Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He serves as an editor and editorial board member of several journals. He is the co-author about 200 publications including peer-reviewed journal papers and two books. 
He is a Fellow, Singapore ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING, SPIE Fellow, OSA Fellow and RCS Fellow.