Gui-Lu Long
2022/4/22 0:00:00


Vice President for Research

Research Scientist (PI)
Technology Transfer and Industrialization Center
Professor at Physics Department

Tsinghua University
Office 309

Research Group: Quantum Secure Direct Communication and Quantum Algorithm Application Group


BS in Physics, Shandong University (1982)

MS in Theoretical Physics, Tsinghua University(1985)

Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, Tsinghua University(1987)


Lecturer(1987-1995),Asso.Professor(1995-1998),Professor(1998-now),Tsinghua University

Director of Nuclear Physics Division, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, (1997-2000)

Director, Institute of High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Tsinghua University (2001-now)

Deputy-director, Key Laboratory For Quantum Information and Measurements, Ministry Of Education, China(2000-present)

Research Fellow, University of Sussex (1989.3-1993.3)

Visiting Researcher, University of Vienna (2002.6-8)

Vice President of BAQIS (2021.3-now)