Qi-Kun Xue
2022/3/2 0:00:00

President of BAQIS

Member of CAS

President of SUSTECH

Professor of Physics

Tsinghua University

Email: president@baqis.ac.cn

Office: 301

Qi-Kun Xue obtained his BSc from Shandong University in 1984, and PhD in condensed matter physics from Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1994. From 1994 to 1999, he worked as a Research Associate at IMR, Tohoku University, Japan and a visiting Assistant Professor at Department of Physics, North Carolina State University, USA. He became a professor at IOP-CAS in 1999. He was elected as a Member of CAS in 2005. Since then, he has been a distinguished professor at Department of Physics, Tsinghua University. From 2010 to 2013, he served as the Chair of Department of Physics and Dean of School of Sciences, and from 2013 to 2020, the Vice President for Research at Tsinghua University. Since 2017, he has been the President of Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS). Since Nov 2020, he has been the President of Southern University of Science and Technology. Professor Xue has received numerous prizes and awards, including the TWAS Prize in Physics in 2010, Future Science Prize for Physical Sciences in 2016, National Natural Science Award (first class) in 2018, the Fritz London Memorial Prize in 2020, and Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award in 2020, etc.

Prof. Xue's research interest includes scanning tunneling microcopy/spectroscopy, molecular beam epitaxy, low-dimensional and interface-related superconductivity, topological insulators, and quantum size effects in various low-dimensional structures. Currently, he is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of National Science Review, the Editor-in-Chief of Surface Review & Letters, and on the Editorial Board of Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, AIP Advances, Surface Science Reports and Nano Letters.