Research Scientists in Quantum Materials
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Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) is an innovative research institution, sponsored by Beijing municipal government, and founded with partnership of leading research institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, etc. BAQIS focuses on the fundamental and frontier issues of quantum physics and quantum information science and technology as well as the national strategic demand of China in the related area. It has integrated great resources from its partnering institutions in terms of talents and facilities. It will build advanced synergetic R&D and measurement platforms to be shared across the world, with an attempt to attract top-notch global talents to forge a world leading research force for the research of quantum information science and technology. The research areas of BAQIS include Quantum State of Matter, Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication, Quantum Materials and Devices, and Quantum Precision Measurement, etc. Based on the strategic positioning of Beijing as a “National Science and Technology Innovation Center”, BAQIS will take part in the development of National Lab of Quantum Information Sciences and the major project “Quantum Communication and Quantum Computer” of National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 Plan of China. The aim of BAQIS is to build a world first class research institution with pioneering research to bring about groundbreaking original results, which may eventually transform the human experience of our daily lives.

Team Leader

Katsumi Tanigaki 谷垣勝己


Leader of Materials Physics WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University And Professor Nano Solid-State Physics Department of Physics Graduate School of Science Tohoku University

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Research Directions

Our research group exploits the following two important research themes in the field of quantum materials and devices expected from the new quantum states of matters.

One focuses on quantum materials, such as topological insulators, itinerant antiferromagnetic materials and two-dimensional (2D) materials. In topological materials, quantum Hall and quantum anomalous Hall effect, and superconductivity are explored by employing high quality single crystal thin films of three-dimensional topological insulators, graphene and other 2D materials grown by vapor phase epitaxy (VPE), exfoliation techniques and other useful methods. A variety of itinerant antiferromagnetic materials are studied in order to exploit novel cross-coupling phenomena between magnetism and charge current. Dirac and Weyl electronic states will also be studied in these materials. In addition to these fundamental quantum characteristics, applications arising from quantum materials, such astopological pn junction based on the Klein tunneling in the principles of quantum mechanics as well as energy conversions among spin momentum, heat flow and electric current are studied.

The other research exploits electrically driven lasers based on organic semiconductors in the field of quantum optoelectronics. By employing the device construction of both planar electroluminescence (EL) devices and field effect transistors (FET), lasers operating in the electrically driven mode are searched and high quality lasing in a wide wavelength is exemplified.

Job Describtion

In order to pursue the above research themes, the following full time research scientists as well as a secretary are recruited.

PI(Principal Investigators and Associate Principal Investigators)and postdoctoral fellows

(1)Principal Investigators (PI)

Topological materials research: two PIs

Electrically-driven organic semiconductor lasers: one PI

(2)Postdoctoral fellows

Topological materials research:four postdoctoral researchers.

Electrically-driven organic semiconductor lasers: three postdoctoral researchers.

(3)Secretary: One

Responsible for daily administrative affairs, including travel affairs, schedule management, data sorting, etc.

Chinese native speaker, master degree from prestigious university, above 90 points for TOEFL (or equivalent), scientific knowledge would be desirable.

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