BAQIS Job Opening-Theoretical Physics Talents
2023/1/16 17:09:28

BAQIS Introduction

BAQIS was established on December 24, 2017. It is an innovative research institution initiated by Beijing Municipal Government and co-founded with China's top universities and research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

BAQIS endeavors to address major fundamental issues of quantum physics and quantum information research to push forward next-generation quantum science and technology advancement. BAQIS encompasses five major research fields: quantum state of matter, quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum materials and devices and quantum precision measurement. In the meantime, it has developed two state-of-the-art experimental platforms to support the researches, i.e. the micro-nano processing platform and the synergetic testing platform. It has integrated great resources from its partnering institutions in terms of talents and facilities. It has developed advanced synergetic R&D and measurement platforms to be shared across the world, with an attempt to attract top-notch global talents to forge a world leading research force for the research of quantum information science and technology.

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Job Opening

Theoretical physicists in the field of quantum computation/quantum communication/quantum state of matter/quantum precision measurement/quantum sensing.

Job Descriptions

1.     Propose innovative research ideas,tackle grand research challenges in the field;

2.     Draft and publish research papers/patents/academic reports/academic presentations;

3.     Give guidance to group members/postdocs/graduate students;

4.     Other job assignments given by leaders.

Job Qualifications

1. Be under the age of 45;

2. Hold PhD degree in theoretical physics or relevant majors;

3. Obtain academic achievements recognized by peer experts; Have the potential to grow up into elite in the research field; Research interests fit well with BAQIS development plan and having been working in the frontline.

4. Hired as assistant professor or equivalent position from overseas or domestic university/research institute before joining BAQIS.

5. Good leadership;

6. Those who have three years of overseas work experience/lead provincial or ministerial research projects are preferable.

BAQIS Provides

1.    Competitive salary;

2.    Sustained and stable research fund;

3.    Enroll in Beijing Social Insurance System;

4.    For eligible candidates, help to apply for Beijing Talents Apartment (well decorated);

5.    During the transitional period, help to apply for Haidian Government Sponsored Apartment;  

6.    For eligible candidates, help to apply for Beijing Hukou;

7.    Spouse and children’s commercial medical and accidental insurance;

8.    Employee canteen.


Candidates need to prepare latest CV and at least 3 recommendation letters. Please fill in job application via: